Inculcate in every child the ability to learn through application.

Catalyst is a proven Teaching-Learning process for schools, in which the teacher engages students with powerful hands-on lesson kits, activities, textbooks and thinkbooks. Thus, enabling every student to thoroughly comprehend every concept using a practical approach, ensuring they do not have to rely on their imagination alone.

Catalyst is designed based on Fink's Taxonomy : Six facets of learning

Foundational Knowledge – Understanding and remembering information and ideas.

Application – Developing critical, creative, or practical thinking skills.

Integration – Making connections between information, ideas, perspectives, and people.

Human Dimension – Learning about oneself or others.

Caring – Developing new feelings, interests, or values.

Learning How to Learn – Becoming a better student, inquiring about a subject, and becoming self-directing learners.

What does Catalyst do for each stake holder in the program?

Catalyst is a new-age curriculum program that enhances classroom engagement

There are 4 core pillars that Catalyst depends on, they are

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Hands-on Lesson Kits

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Pinnacle Periods

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Verbal Explanation

Pinnacle periods are designed to enhance teacher-student engagement in the classroom. The teacher uses hands-on lesson kits and performs activities to explain concepts taught in the lesson, this improves comprehension and retention. The textbooks provided under the Catalyst program are well-researched, up-to-date and provide accurate and detailed information in the simplest terms. This combination of premium textbooks, engaging lesson kits and activties, and skilled verbal explanation make the Catalyst program an unbeatabele academic program.

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