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What is Kidvento?

Kidvento is a series of Do-It-Yourself technology kits that make learning interesting, productive and fun for children of ages 8 years and above. The variety of electronic bits in Kidvento make innovation easier for kids.

Kids can arrange and connect these bits in thousands of ways, to build interesting models and projects. In fact, with Kidvento, kids can build these projects, sitting at home, out on the lawn or inside a car; in short, "Kids can innovate anywhere".

Added bonus - Kidvento Boxes are curriculum supported!

What's inside Kidvento?

Why do Parents choose Kidvento?

Unlock the true value of learning with Kidvento


Kidvento is a learning kit
like you have never experienced before.


While kids innovate, they strengthen their academic concepts as well.


The concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics get real with Kidvento.


Kids become

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Tinker Box

Kidvento Tinker box


Curriculum Supported

Build 11+ mind boggling Projects with the Tinker Box. This is an essential learning kit for every child.

Age group - 8 Years to 14 Years


Who can use Kidvento?

Student icon


Students of ages 8 years
to 16 years

School icon


Schools use Kidvento to educate students with Hands-on methods

Family icon


Parents can build & explain interesting models & toys for toddlers

Teacher icon


Educators & teachers use Kidvento as teaching aids

What can you do with Kidvento?

Curriculum icon

Curriculum supported projects and activities

Learning of academics,
supported with innovative hands-on methods

Light bulb idea icon


Let's fuel the ideas of young generations, by inspiring them to innovate

Self built toy icon


Toys have their own engineering too. Let children explore them by building their own toys.

Science on the mind

Mind boggling

Each Kidvento box has various activities, which encourage students to think innovatively


Mrs. Bhagya - Principal, Hello Kids Pre-School
My son did not expect the Kidvento Box to be as exciting as it was. When I first showed him the box, he demanded I take him to the playground instead. But once the box was opened I haven't been able to get him to leave it alone. Thank you Kidvento for filling his head with questions about science!
Mr. Bhanu Prakash - Businessman
Kriti had been waiting every day for her Kidvento box to arrive from her school, it did today and she has been building all day! She's already asking about the next Kidvento box. Thank you for such great products Kidvento!
Mrs. Jyothi Taranath - Accounts Officer, KPTCL
I bought the Kidvento box only because it promised to be educational, and it has held true to its word. My son wouldn't touch his books or look at anything educational from the second he got home after school. But since he received his Kidvento box, he's practically caught up on the curriculum he fell behind on. Thank you Kidvento you just saved his grades!
Mr.Praveen D Jadhav, Asst. Professor, DSCE Bengaluru
The name Kidvento itself fascinated me to buy this product for my nephew, who is in the 4th grade.He's been wasting his after school hours by watching cartoons and playing video games but once he started using the Kidvento kit and building projects like the Sundial, Walking robot, etc. His thoughts have become unique and most importantly this has improved his creativity! Thank you Kidvento, eagerly waiting for the next innovative box!
Mrs. Mamatha, Dentist
Opening the Kidvento box opens kids minds to explore creativity and innovation. This box enhances problem-solving ability, critical thinking abilities, decision making skills, etc, which gives a boost to the holistic development of a student. I think giving kids an extra creative push is something all parents need to do by buying their children a Kidvento box!

Frequently asked questions

Knowledge base of all frequently asked questions

Yes there are multiple variants of Kidvento Kits, each differing in the type of projects, age group, themes etc. We will release all the variants soon.
Most definitely YES! We provide instructions in the manual for a certain number of projects. However, the potential of the kit is far greater. When students understand how to use the ‘Kidvento bits’ provided in the kit, they can explore different projects on their own. In fact, we suggest various ideas for students to try on their own.
Of course not! There are multiple takeaways when children use Kidvento. Children who are tech savvy, learn how to use technology to build what they love. Those who aren't particularly affinitive towards technology, start appreciating the simplicity of the kit and learn to innovate using simple methods.
Yes! All the kits in the Kidvento series cover various science and mathematics concepts discussed in the curriculum.
Yes and we recommend it. Parents’ involvement boosts the child’s energy and parents can participate in discussions with kids. Having mentioned that, Kidvento is designed for children to use independently without anyone’s support.
We at Kidvento Education and Research Pvt Ltd take the utmost care to deliver the best. Every kit is checked and tested before delivery to customers. Even after that, if customers find any defective components/parts, we shall replace the entire kit with a new one.
Kidvento Kits come with manuals containing detailed instructions about every activity and project. So, for most doubts, the manuals have the answers. Beyond that, if a child needs more support, our support team is happy to respond and support online.
When it comes to the value of the product, we proudly say, Kidvento is the best in its class. Kidvento is sophisticated, technically superior yet very much affordable. By spending a little over Rs 1000, your child is introduced to one of the best tools to be engaged productively at home and school.
YES! Kidvento has already partnered with over 50 schools to implement Hands-On methods of learning. And more than 20000 students are learning better because of it. If you are a school and need our support, you can reach us at


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