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Not just an educational kit.

Say hello to Science Boxes™ and the very first one is the Tinker Box.

The Tinker Box is a DIY* educational science kit that contains assorted multi-usage building blocks, Kidvento electronic bits, motors, connectors and a user manual. Every kid can use their kit to build over 12 toys and projects using concepts of science.
Let the innovation begin.

Why get a Tinker Box? Because of the following!

What do the children of today lack? Experience.

While previous generations used to learn through experience or apprenticeships, the children of today learn theoretically so that they have a broader range of career choices.

Only when a selection of career is upon them do they realize that they’ve never developed the skills to actually perform the tasks that the job demands.

Science Boxes inculcate children with a few skills in assembling projects, robots and toys using science concepts but more importantly, it teaches them to use their mind to think innovatively and create their own projects and toys. Making the experience both developmental and educational.

Save thousands of rupees that are spent on robotics workshops and develop practical skills with Science Boxes.

Robotics workshops teach children how to build a few robots or models using plug and play components, children rarely gain any useful knowledge or are able to apply any of that knowledge once the workshop ends. With a Science Box, however, children can learn how machines actually function and use science concepts to build each project. Additionally, Science Boxes don’t focus solely on robotics or any one scientific concept.

Why Science Boxes are foundationally different from subscription craft boxes.

Science Boxes focus on promoting creativity and innovation through scientific and educational concepts while subscription craft boxes focus on promoting creativity through artistic ability. Science Boxes don’t rely on paper, cardboard, paints or other craft materials. Every material in a Science Box is of premium quality and sturdy enough to handle the function of every toy and model. The toys can be built to function manually or automatically using the bits and sensors. Science Boxes are curriculum-based and focus on the topics that are taught in school. Finally, the Tinker Box comes with instructions for 12 projects while craft boxes usually contain 2-4 projects per box.

What do our customers think of the Tinker Box?


A: Yes there are multiple variants of Kidvento Kits, each differing in the type of projects, age group, themes etc. We will release all the variants soon.

A: Yes! We provide instructions in the manual for a certain number of projects. However, the potential of the kit is far greater. When children understand how to use the ‘Kidvento bits’ provided in the kit, they can explore different projects on their own. In fact, we suggest various ideas for students to try on their own.

A: Of course not! There are multiple takeaways when children use the TInker Box. Children who are tech savvy, learn how to use technology to build what they love. Those who aren't particularly affinitive towards technology, start appreciating the simplicity of the kit and learn to innovate using simple methods.

A: The Tinker Box is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 14. Although children older than 14 can use the Tinker Box, they may not find it challenging enough.

A: No, the Tinker Box is a reusable kit. The components can be reused to build various projects for unlimited fun!

A: No, some models do require batteries to operate such as the walking robot or the light following car but there are models that are operated without batteries. However, when the batteries provided in the kit are completely used up, the same type of batteries can be easily found at any supermarket or stationery.

A: No, the Tinker Box was designed to be built by children without any help. However, we do recommend helping them build the first couple of projects so that parents can explain how to use certain components.

A: Yes! All the kits in the Kidvento series cover various science and mathematics concepts discussed in the curriculum.

A: We at Kidvento Education and Research Pvt Ltd take the utmost care to deliver the best. Every kit is checked and tested before delivery to customers. If customers find any defective components/parts, we shall replace the entire kit with a new one.

Tinker Box Information
Age group 8 - 14 years
Dimensions of the Tinker Box 45 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm
Model number KERL-SB-TB
Pre-engineered Drive Bit 1
Pre-engineered Sensor Bit 1
Number of cells included 4
Number of projects 12
Total number of components in the box 125

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