The Hands-On Classrooms

How about enabling our existing classrooms with Hands-On tools, where students build projects and experiments to learn science and don't just depend on black board teaching?

That's what Kidvento Pro-Science is doing with schools. Instead of setting up and looking after tedious maintenance of laboratories, schools are implementing Pro-Science, where students build real time projects and perform experiments to learn science. Here, the students are regularly trained and mentored by passionate facilitators of Kidvento.

Pro-Science program is offered for the students of 1st Standard to 10th Standard and is completely aligned with the curriculum of the school.

Features of Kidvento Pro Science
Nepenthes plant model

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Young Innovators Workshop

The 'water talkie' is a device that lets its users communicate underwater for up to 15 feet, this is the invention of 10-year-old Richie Stachowski, an invention that only exists because his ideas were never discouraged.

Young Innovators is a Workshop run by Kidvento to discover the innovators in every school. The workshop aims to expand the mind of every child so that they may produce solutions to real world problems. Each participant is given a problem statement (a problem that exists in the world today) and is provided the tools, materials and guidance they will need to come up with an innovative solution and to build it.

Once all the participants have developed prototypes of their solutions, the prototypes are examined by all the participants and improvements or alternate ideas are suggested. This is done so that all the participants may learn from each other and receive suggestions to improve their prototypes.

Theories, concepts and inventions are all the product of creative thinking and that is the goal of the Young Innovators Workshop.

Remote control car
Tornado model
Scissor jack model

Why is 'Young Innovators' essential?

To induce one of the most important skills 'Thinking Skills' among students.

To make students critically analyse a problem, formulate a solution and build a prototype.

To develop a scientific and innovative mind-set among students.

'Young Innovators' is a platform for students to convert their ideas into reality.

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