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Let every child have the same opportunity to grasp and comprehend each topic that's taught in the classroom.

Classroom Catalyst is a proven Teaching-Learning process for classrooms, in which the teacher engages students with powerful lesson-based explanatory models and activity workbooks. Thus, enabling students of all learning preferences: Video, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinaesthetic and Logical to clearly and effectively comprehend each concept.

Did you know there are broadly 5 types of learners?

If the material they must learn is provided in their preferred format, the students express a deeper understanding and improved retention of the content.

This isn’t a new theory and we’re not the first ones to implement a system to take advantage of it.

We are, however, the first ones to take note of all the issues the other systems had and create a new system that fixed all those issues.

Let’s begin with the 5 types of learners

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These learners prefer to receive content in formats such as graphs, charts and models.

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These learners prefer to receive content in auditory formats such as tapes, lectures and explanations.

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These learners prefer content to be delivered in a written or textual format such as textbooks, making notes and essays.

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These learners prefer content to be delivered through practical and experiential methods.

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These learners prefer content in formats such as logical sequences, patterns or problem solving questions.

Now let’s see what those other systems tried and the issues they faced

The many learning systems that tried to implement learning preferences in the classroom began by identifying each student’s learning preference and altering the teaching approach for that student to match their learning preference. This is a one-to-one process and implementing it in classrooms with 20 to 60 children is simply impractical.

Additionally, in classes that matched teaching style with learning preference, the teacher focused solely on delivering content in the format preferred by the child, ignoring that each child can have multiple learning preferences and that providing content in only one format can make them inflexible to learning through another format.

Here’s how classroom catalyst caters to learning preferences while remaining flexible with learning formats

There are 4 pillars that Classroom Catalyst depends on, they are

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Labelled Diagrams

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Verbal Explanation

Each lesson has a corresponding model, diagram and activity in the workbook. All these components along with the explanation by the teacher are used simultaneously in every class to ensure every type of learner receives the content in their preferred formats. Since the content is delivered through multiple formats every type of learner is covered and does not become used to consuming material in only one format and thereby remains flexible to absorbing information through various methods.

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