It’s thank a teacher day!

Thank a teacher

Teaching. The noblest of professions.

That’s it. Poof. Any conversation I’ve ever had about teaching started and ended with that statement.

It’s a profession we take for granted. Every one of us understands how important the job is (hence the use of that noblest of professions statement), but we couldn’t be bothered to actually think about it, it’s always a fleeting thought.

Teaching as a profession doesn’t garner a lot of attention. Teaching isn’t a particularly exciting occupation, it’s no stuntman or celebrity chef. It’s a quiet job, that’s gladly fulfilled by people that are rarely ever appreciated.

But today, let’s take a moment to really think about what teachers do for us. Let’s not beat around the bush here, except for a really tiny percentage of the population, all the rest of us have only achieved whatever we have because of a really great teacher (or a few) that came into our lives when we really needed them. An image of this teacher just flashed through your mind didn’t it?

We’ve all had these mystical teachers that just showed up when we really needed them and got us to understand what we were struggling with. They’ve literally taught us everything: from the alphabet to integration of areas to the calculation of the densities of various objects. If you really think about it you realize that you can only speak, read, and write because of your teachers, that’s how fundamental a teacher is to our achievements.

We’ve got to remember that teachers don’t really work for the money (we all know teaching isn’t a very well-paying profession). This means that all those teachers we’ve learned from did it because they really wanted to pass on their knowledge to children.

Do you remember how annoying we used to be to our teachers? And they came back day after day to try and fill our little noggins with as much knowledge as they could. It truly is a noble profession.

If you’re still in touch with your teachers or can get in touch with them, give them a call or send them a text letting them know just how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you. It’ll make their day, I assure you. If you can, send them a nice little gift basket too.

Today’s also a special day at Kidvento because more than half the people working here are teachers. We’re going to follow our own advice and go thank all our in-house teachers for all the great work they do.

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