A list of skills every child should possess

In the world today, there’s an app or a service for almost everything you can think of. Consequently, children lack the skills to do most things. As parents, we’ve got to make sure that our kids are capable of taking care of themselves.

So here are a few skills that every child should have:

1) Cooking skills:

This doesn’t mean being an excellent chef or even putting together a nice meal. Even the ability to cook a half decent omelette, soup or salad will do. Just enough to survive if you’re even on your own and there isn’t anyone around to cook for you. Eat Right has a nice age-based list of the tasks a child should be able to handle in the kitchen.

2) Do their own laundry:

Seems like an easy one right? You wouldn’t believe how many kids can’t do it. And it’s not even their fault, they just don’t know where to start. The problem exists because they’ve never had to do laundry, ever, because of washing machines or cleaning staff. The first time they’re in a position where they’ve got to clean their own laundry, and they for sure will be there someday, they’re just left wondering what the first step to doing your own laundry even is.

3) Go grocery shopping:

This sort of stems naturally from the lack of cooking skills. If they’ve no idea what constitutes a meal, they obviously also don’t know what to pick up at a grocery store. This is a crucial skill that everybody should have and parents must teach children why they need all those things from the grocery store.

4) Managing money:

Children can be impulsive and it’s hard to fault them on that, but introducing kids to the big picture can teach them the value of money. Tell them how much money they’ll be given every month, show them how much that adds up to every year and remind them how much they’ll need when they decide they want that expensive toy. Now that they have a bigger picture in their mind, they’ll probably spend smarter.

5) Treat wounds:

Teach your kid to stay calm at the sight of blood and to apply pressure until the bleeding stops. Teach them to follow that by rinsing the wound with water and then clean the wound with antibiotic solutions or ointments. This is a crucial skill that every person must possess. If you need a quick reminder of the steps to be followed when treating a wound, read this article from RCH Melbourne.

6) Quick fixes at home:

All children should know how to do quick fixes at home such as patching up a leaky faucet or hammering in a nail. The difficulty of the tasks they should be comfortable with increases with age but it’s surprising how many adults can’t fix the tiniest thing.

7) Memorize important numbers:

In the age of smartphones, it’s a rare thing to know a person’s contact number. But it can be necessary sometimes, suppose you lose your phone or it breaks, how are you supposed to call someone if you don’t know anyone’s number. Make sure children memorize their parents’ numbers as well as emergency numbers. You never know when you’ll need it.

8) Ability to clean their living space and possessions:

This is a skill that most parents make sure their kids have. Usually, children procrastinate when asked to clean their rooms and eventually do it to avoid punishment, this causes a resentful attitude towards keeping their own environment clean. In certain families where cleaning staff is hired to clean homes, children never learn to clean their rooms or things. And again someday they will be in a position where they’ve got no one to clean up for them and they’ll have to do it themselves and it’ll just be easier if they don’t treat it as punishment and know where to begin.

9) Teenagers should know how to change a tire:

It’s a valuable skill and if they don’t learn it when they’re young, they’ll probably never learn it. A flat tire in a location where help isn’t easily available can be stressful and the ability to change a tire can save the day. It’s also practically a step in the path to being an independent person. If you’re unfamiliar with the process yourself, here’s a step by step guide from Bridgestone on changing flat tires.

10) Patience:

As every adult knows, life is never predictable. Situations, people and things can all be frustrating. If you’re impatient, getting through the day is hard more often than not. Patience is a vital virtue that all children should have, it’ll reduce stress, and probably improve your mood.

11) Managing time:

Time is arguably more valuable than money. If we’re going to teach our kids to manage money well, we should definitely teach them to manage their time better. Every hour spent is an hour of their life that’ll never come back to them. If they spend all day watching TV, it’s time to teach them to value their time a little more. Especially since they can use their time to pick up skills that’ll stay with them for all the years to come. Here’s an entire list from the spruce about teaching your kids how to manage time.

12) Use developmental and educational kits:

There are lots of kits in the market today that provide a method for children to obtain new skills and learn a bit of science while they’re at it. We’ve got our own kit that does this: The Tinker Box. These kits help children develop skills and learn science while they build their own toys and projects.

13) Face challenges head-on:

Children must learn to tackle the challenges they face rather than avoid them. Children that face every challenge and try to resolve it will do much better in life than children who shy away when the situation steps out of their comfort zone. Always encourage your child to put their best foot forward and resolve whatever is in their way.

If there are some skills you believe should be included in this list, mention them in the comments below.

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