The significance of Earth Hour.

Light bulb of the Earth

Earth hour is an annual event held every year at the end of March. It’s held at this time every year because the northern and southern hemispheres experience almost identical sunset times. Earth hour is run by the World Wide Fund for Nature-WWF (not the professional wrestling company) and is a symbolic gesture about energy conservation than an actual energy conservation step. However, it can be noted that switching off lights, gadgets, and appliances for an hour can save quite a lot of power and reduce the carbon dioxide produced.

But Earth hour is a voluntary campaign and no one has to switch off their electronics for it. Therefore, the energy saved during earth hour over the last ten years has not been a very large amount. This doesn’t mean Earth Hour was unsuccessful because the goal was never to save vast amounts of energy by turning off the lights for an hour. Earth hour is meant to spread awareness of our energy use and it does so successfully with almost every nation participating in it every year. It is a testament to how global cooperation can bring about incredible changes and improve the state of the environment.

However, the estimated amount of energy that would be saved and pollution reduced if entire countries participated is truly amazing. An article from Indiatimes crunched the numbers in 2017 and found that the amount of coal conserved due to reduced energy demands in India for an hour would be about 7,618 tonnes of coal, more precisely 7,618,050 kilograms of coal.

Complete participation of an entire country may be too much to hope for and therefore we should focus on what we as individuals can do with our appliances and homes to conserve power.

Businesses and individuals must try to make a commitment to earth hour and turn off their lights for one hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm today, the 24th March 2018.  Earth hour only requires individuals to turn off any non-essential appliances that they’re using and can do without for an hour.

Let’s try to set an example for our children because we’re all aware of how our children truly learn. Not by instruction or by strict consequences but by example. The world we leave behind is the one they inherit so let’s try to leave it as healthy as we can so that our kids and grandkids can have as great a life as we did.

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