6 exceptional scientists and their weird minds

This is a list of weird (in every positive sense of the word) discoveries and inventions that we use today.

Odds are you know of all of these inventions. However, it’s doubtful that you know how they came to be.

That particular moment, the point of inspiration, when a person has suddenly realized a theory/discovery/invention based off something they see or test or plain stumble upon: it’s always weird.

It is, it really is.

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Why do parents prefer educational toys over traditional toys?

“Buy me that toy or I’m not eating/leaving/speaking to you”, sound familiar? It happens to many parents and most have relented and bought the toy, but then what happened?

Remember that action figure they promised was the only thing they’d ever ask for but forgot about almost as soon as they held it?

Why purchase something that offers nothing but a couple of days of excitement and adds no quantifiable value to your child’s development?

Bring on the revolution!

Toys that offer no educational benefit exist even today and they probably always will, but they’re fighting a losing battle. The toys of today must appeal to both the parent and the child. Where the parent sees an investment in their child’s education, the child must see an engrossing toy. This is no easy feat and companies spend a lot of time trying to achieve this balance; for we all know what is interesting to an adult is rarely what interests a child.

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Think creativity isn’t vital? Think again!

light bulb of creativity

Creativity is a term that loses its meaning as time progresses, it meant the ability to imagine and produce something altogether inexistent up to that point, today it’s been reduced to only refer to artistic or musical ability.

We have forgotten that technology also cannot be invented with knowledge alone, if you cannot imagine it you will never create it. Think renting your home to tourists over the web, who’d have thought of that?

Creativity is present in every child, simply because every child is born curious, curious about everything they see and touch. It’s common for parents to be told to never discourage a child from asking “why?”, this is meant to create an environment that fosters creativity.

Psychologists believe creativity flourishes when creative behavior is encouraged, this applies even to a 3-year-old trying to use a screw and a screwdriver or one that attempts to build a castle with his building blocks. A completely structured environment denies a child the ability to think outside the rules, it crushes curiosity.

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What is Kidvento?

Kidvento is a series of Do-It-Yourself technology kits that make learning interesting, productive and fun for children of ages 8 years and above. The variety of electronic bits in Kidvento make innovation easier for kids.

Kids can arrange and connect these bits in thousands of ways, to build interesting models and projects. In fact, with Kidvento, kids can build these projects, sitting at home, out on the lawn or inside a car; in short, “Kids can innovate anywhere”.

Added bonus – Kidvento Boxes are curriculum supported!