Never underestimate the importance of Mother’s Day

Mother's day

Mother’s day is completely different from each family member’s perspective. From a child’s perspective it’s a day to show appreciation for their mother, from a father’s perspective it’s a day to recognize how your partner has been central to raising your children as well as you did, from a mother’s perspective it’s a day when they’re finally given the praise they deserve on a daily basis.

Mother’s day is a day to celebrate all mothers. While mothers with young children or children that stay in the same town will probably celebrate with their children in person. Mothers who have ‘empty nests’ because their kids are far from home could really use a long call (preferably a video call) or maybe a personalised gift? Of course, the best gift would be a visit in person but that might be difficult in the second week of May.

For most children, their mother is the most influential person they’ve ever known. This means mothers all over the world have to be the perfect role model for their children so that they grow up to be decent, kind-hearted, and smart adults. This is no easy task, especially when you realize that many mother work a day job (and even if they don’t, maintaining a household is as much work as any job).

Mother’s day wouldn’t be necessary if each of us thanked our mothers each day for the countless things they do for us each day (most of which we don’t even notice). However, since none of us does that, the importance of mother’s day cannot be understated.

Mothers do a range of tasks through their kids’ lives beginning with changing diapers and feeding schedules to staying up late waiting for their kids to come home safe but children never truly appreciate the sacrifices that mothers make each day. If we were to make a list of everything our mothers do for us, the list would never end.

So on the second Sunday of May, every year, we let our mothers know that we love them and cannot repay them in our lifetime for all they’ve done for us. Make sure you reach out to your mother today and express your gratitude.

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